Our Story

Zodhi Co. is a pioneering private equity firm specializing in innovative financing solutions. Leveraging a unique system to gather and analyze industry data meticulously, Zodhi Co. excels in uncovering financing opportunities that are typically overlooked. This strategic approach allows us to identify and capitalize on unique investment prospects, offering our investors access to groundbreaking financial ventures. Our expertise lies in not just recognizing the potential in conventional markets but also in discovering hidden gems within industries, thereby creating exceptional value for our investors.

Our story started in  
with Assembled Brands.
Growth Leads to Opportunity:

In 2016 one of our sister companies, Khaite, was growing rapidly with excellent financials. When the time came to get working capital to fuel Khaite’s growth, we discovered the existing players in the capital space didn’t understand or want to lend money against direct-to-consumer inventory. There was a clear opportunity for us to bring capital to not only our own brands but to other direct to consumer brands like ours. Assembled Brands was born to service those brands.

Founded by John Zdanowski and Adam Pritzker, Los Angeles-based investment and credit fund with $100m Asset Under Management (AUM) & 70+ portfolio companies.
Our Leadership

David Metzler

Partner - Capital Market

John Zdanowski

Partner - Finance & Engineering

Ethan Lu

Partner - Data Science & Growth

Jared Coleman

Partner - Legal
Every business has a unique path to success and we’re here to steer your company in the right direction with a systemic approach to expansion and growth.
Easy Application Process
Zodhi Co.'s application process is easy because we want to help businesses scale quickly and efficiently. Simply upload your data via our secure platform at zodhi.app. Our application also connects seamlessly with core platforms and accounting software to streamline the process.
Data-driven Decisions
We believes in creating solutions based on the data of the current market within your industry. We use integrations with your accounting, banking, and ecommerce systems to quickly underwrite your business. Our goal is to quickly benchmark your company for intriguing data insights. We want to approve financing as often as possible which is why we will swiftly benchmark your company for intriguing data insights to learn more.
Extensive netowrk
Zodhi Co. has the largest ecosystem of service providers to grow your business. Our partner network offers everything from marketing expansion, data analytics, team recruitment, and overall business development.